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The speech of EAA Chairman in the middle of leading cadres meeting

Date:2016-10-20 11:43

Today, all departments have done a detailed and representative speech. How time flies! All of us should have the sense of urgency,feeling of pressure, and responsibility.
   Quality control department, marketing department have addressed that the production up to 400,000 units through our efforts in the past 7 months. The products qualified rate is more than 98.8%.  To get the first-hand information, then know the real evaluation to the products from the customers,we entrust the Qingdao Quality Management Association Management Consulting Centre to do a survey from 90% of customers. All the information shows that: The Customer Satisfaction of EAA products between [89.26-89.96] under 95% Confidence level.The result is encouraging. Generally speaking, it is really good when the Customer Satisfaction is up to 85% for one new item.
   There are three main reasons:1.The attention of the leadership;Full participation.The quality is most important things, all other things are less important than quality.
    I also talked about this in the all the employees meeting, the poor quality product means rubbish, also the one who make the poor quality product means not good staff.
    The ruler of the department and the staff is the quality, everyone should be noticed that the quality should be Publicity serious, and grasp the typical.
    2.Process Control: Comprehensive check.
    Our products from the material to the product, we control the all the process, rubber Mixing,Extrusion, Calendar, Cutting, Forming, Vulcanization, Assembly, etc.
   We are one stop produce line, all the process should be checked by Apparatus and full- time Quality Inspector.
   We are the No.1 in the factories which produce air spring, because first we are the research the rubber for about 16 years, second we are the one stop producing factory.
   3.Find out the outstanding advantage: Improve the grade.
   Some factory can’t mixing, they need buy the finished rubber mixing from the other company, yet according the rubber’s character which can’t delay over 72 hours, however we have the Kneader, mixer, Cold feed extruder, we can for sure not to delay the time. And we never use the gum over 72 hours.
   The other company can’t Calendar by themselves, and also they can’t control the quality while we have the senior level roller tension calendar with auto-controlled procedure. Wecan totally control the quality, so the nature of the ply is steady, without scorching, Toughness.
    More important, we have the special fabric which is more endurable and thicker. We are the only company about all of this. Our products win the first goal among the quantity, quality and sales volume in China with the whole staffs’ industry and hard work.
   Although we have achieved gratifying results, we always have to keep a clear head.
   Next,firstly, continue to open up domestic and international market, and then we will share big part of the cake of air spring in the world.Secondly, to meet the customer need,improve the quality continuously. Thirdly,expand the production scale, Strengthen human resources training.  Asking everyone think quietly, and do things seriously, and achieve the goal of the year successfully!

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