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Volvo Team Visited EAA

Date:2016-10-20 11:49

The quality control engineer Lucy Lu and the other two engineers from Volvo have visited our company during September 15 to 16.
    Volvo is one of top 20 automotive companies in the world, also the largest car companies in Northern Europe. Volvo known as: the top automotive safety factor in the world.
   Accompanied with our leaders, they visited all the produce line. Also satisfied with the quality system, organization structure, procedure ordains and drums tension senior calendar after the explaining of the leaders.
    They surprised when know the ozone resistance test of EAA air spring is 96 hours by TNQ, and Europe standard is only 80 hours, they also appreciated when know we have already got 4 national patents. They are sure our quality control is nice.
    They changed ideas about site management, and also full of confidence on cooperation with our company.

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+86 13573268756 (Ms. Jenny Liao)
Baidu Industrial Park,Pingdu,Qingdao City,Shandong Province,China.

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